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Moorhouse Park Unit 1, Westerham TN16 2ET

    My car’s engine warning light was flashing and lost it’s power day by day. I brought it to the Supreme DPF Cleaning. The technicians checked and told me that my car’s dpf is too full of ash and no longer regenerating properly. They have cleaned the DPF with their new generation machines. Now, it is like the first day of my car.

    Natalie Duncan / Supermarket A3

    The engine management light came on my car. Supreme Dpf technicians ran a diagnostics and the problem is with the diesel particulate filter - DPF. It is completely cleaned with the machines. In addition, they gave me a before - after report, shows my dpf situation. They also remap my car which increase the power while improving the economy. I strongly recommend the services.

    John Richard / Richard's Ltd.

    The DPF on my BMW 5 is blocked and warning light flashes. The technicians checked and the dpf is not actively regenerating, filling up with soot rather than with ash. It is cleaned in 1 hour and the fuel consumption decreased after cleaning. Dpf cleaning is the right solution to get better results, otherwise I have to bought a new one.

    David Rooney / Simtel Electronics

    Jeep Patriot 2.2 CRD
    I have owned this car since new and even when everything was running at its best the cars performance was erring on the disappointing side... Just a run of the mill, boring, bog standard motor who according to a dear friend ‘possessed no redeeming features whatsoever.’
    Well, that was perhaps a year ago before the cars DPF issues began to replace ‘no redeeming features’ with a burning desire to see the thing OXO cubed at the local scrapyard even though it had only covered 32,000 miles.
    My main dealer was simply unable to help with the problem. Flushing the DPF for £300 slightly improved matters for a couple of weeks; then back to square one with engine light back on followed quickly by the dreaded ‘limp home mode’.
    So, looking at the cost of replacing this troublesome device / devices (about the same as an engine replacement believe it or not) I found Mr. Erol Icoz within ‘limp home’ range (Bromley) and tootled over at about 20 mph in a cloud of white smoke for a chat.

    Erol performed a preliminary check on the car and said ‘Ah yes, not one DPF but two’ (strangely it was always singular with my main dealer). 
    Anyway, Erol sat me down and described in great detail what they were going to do to resolve this seemingly terminal issue and that for the very agreeable quote to sort it would throw in a ‘Quantum blue’ re-map to boot.

    I’d not heard a great deal about these electronic enhancements but when Erol phoned a day earlier than expected and said I had ‘an Italian prancing horse’ ready to be collected I must admit to being a little sceptical.

    I dunno if I’m over egging it here but on the test drive, with Erol in the passenger seat I was questioning that the little 2.2 had not been replaced with Chrysler’s 6.1 V8 hemi...(the Jeep SRT 8, a car I’ve hankered after for quite a while...and going to wait a lot longer now!)

    Many thanks to Erol. Truly has put a smile back on my face along with solving a near technical right off issue with aplomb.

    Ian / Beckenham

    Just like to Thank Erol on his Very professional open and honest approach. He explained meticulously in detail process required for work for my vehicle.
    I now have a clear understanding of what is need. I wished there were more individuals like this especially in this industry of Remaps/EGRs etc....Highly Recommended Thank you again..

    Tony Budai /

    Erol is a gentleman! He completed a thorough diagnostic and check of my car to see if my DPF could be repaired. He noticed some other contributing factors to my issues and was very honest about the costs that would be incurred and advised me to think about it. It was lovely to have someone so honest and not just trying to get a £££ transaction.

    Amie Gillespie /

    Erol is an absolute top gentleman, professional, reliable and very knowledgeable withing the DPF world, I totally recommend this company to anyone having DPF problems if anyone can Erol can, for me 5***** all day long....

    Allstyleslimited /

    Erol is a true gentleman, he’s at the top of his game and is a cut above the rest. He has the best equipment in the business and guarantees his services to prove what he does is good work. Use him you will not be disappointed

    RC /

    Very professional, knows his work, you leave feeling confident and reassured. Will use him again

    Marc /

    Erol took the time to explain the issues my van had and what the causes were. He then ran through the various different options (with pros and cons to each) to enable me to make an informed decision as to how best move forward.
    Once instructed to undertake works, they were carried out swiftly and professionally with the van check and tested prior to completion. He even did a few extra bits he noticed at no further cost to myself.
    Very happy with the results; the van is running better than when I first bought it 6years ago. Very grateful and would more than happily use him again and recommend his service.

    Chris Chenery /

    Nice friendly people no messing around and They know exactly what they’re doing would use again honest trustworthy people thanks guys????

    Leonard Connor /

    Erol is a genuine & honest person who has been in the industry for a very long time.

    I had DPF & Engine Management light come on my car & Erol diagnosed & took the time to explain the issue in great detail & he showed a lot of examples of his previous work from other customers & their feedback.

    He provided me with the options that were available to solve the issue. He updated me on the progress & service was very professional, reliable & so much better than what you would get from a dealer. My car is running better than ever.

    Thank you so much for your work, it is much appreciated.

    Fletcher Law /

    Fantastic service, very quick, feels like a new van , communication was excellent, would highly recommend

    Nick Dundon /