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    My car’s engine warning light was flashing and lost it’s power day by day. I brought it to the Supreme DPF Cleaning. The technicians checked and told me that my car’s dpf is too full of ash and no longer regenerating properly. They have cleaned the DPF with their new generation machines. Now, it is like the first day of my car.

    Natalie Duncan / Supermarket A3

    The engine management light came on my car. Supreme Dpf technicians ran a diagnostics and the problem is with the diesel particulate filter - DPF. It is completely cleaned with the machines. In addition, they gave me a before - after report, shows my dpf situation. They also remap my car which increase the power while improving the economy. I strongly recommend the services.

    John Richard / Richard's Ltd.

    The DPF on my BMW 5 is blocked and warning light flashes. The technicians checked and the dpf is not actively regenerating, filling up with soot rather than with ash. It is cleaned in 1 hour and the fuel consumption decreased after cleaning. Dpf cleaning is the right solution to get better results, otherwise I have to bought a new one.

    David Rooney / Simtel Electronics

    Jeep Patriot 2.2 CRD
    I have owned this car since new and even when everything was running at its best the cars performance was erring on the disappointing side... Just a run of the mill, boring, bog standard motor who according to a dear friend ‘possessed no redeeming features whatsoever.’
    Well, that was perhaps a year ago before the cars DPF issues began to replace ‘no redeeming features’ with a burning desire to see the thing OXO cubed at the local scrapyard even though it had only covered 32,000 miles.
    My main dealer was simply unable to help with the problem. Flushing the DPF for £300 slightly improved matters for a couple of weeks; then back to square one with engine light back on followed quickly by the dreaded ‘limp home mode’.
    So, looking at the cost of replacing this troublesome device / devices (about the same as an engine replacement believe it or not) I found Mr. Erol Icoz within ‘limp home’ range (Bromley) and tootled over at about 20 mph in a cloud of white smoke for a chat.

    Erol performed a preliminary check on the car and said ‘Ah yes, not one DPF but two’ (strangely it was always singular with my main dealer). 
    Anyway, Erol sat me down and described in great detail what they were going to do to resolve this seemingly terminal issue and that for the very agreeable quote to sort it would throw in a ‘Quantum blue’ re-map to boot.

    I’d not heard a great deal about these electronic enhancements but when Erol phoned a day earlier than expected and said I had ‘an Italian prancing horse’ ready to be collected I must admit to being a little sceptical.

    I dunno if I’m over egging it here but on the test drive, with Erol in the passenger seat I was questioning that the little 2.2 had not been replaced with Chrysler’s 6.1 V8 hemi...(the Jeep SRT 8, a car I’ve hankered after for quite a while...and going to wait a lot longer now!)

    Many thanks to Erol. Truly has put a smile back on my face along with solving a near technical right off issue with aplomb.

    Ian / Beckenham

    Fantastic service, I had multiple problems with my 2019 Ford Transit Connect, fixed all of them for a very fair price.

    Definitely recommend these guys.
    New favourite garage!

    P.s. I called Ford first, they couldn't even see my van until 2 days from now.

    Jack Weeks /

    A drivetrain light shows on my BMW 5 Series I went to this garage, talk to Mr Earl he explains to me what is happening to my car very professional way and I left my car there within two days my car is ready to be collected what a gentleman he is my car is driving as a new car I am very happy with the results thank you, sir.


    Supreme DPF was recommended to me by a good friend who’s a very experienced mechanic.

    Erol did not disappoint, he’s at the top of his game, his experience and enthusiasm for his line of work was abundantly clear to see!

    I was simply hoping for my van to be fixed but he went above and beyond and it runs better than I’ve ever had it before!

    Enrol as a person is so lovely, makes every effort to keep you informed on the progress of the fix, with video updates and messages.

    He’s such a genuine & hard working honest person, these are rare gems in the automobile business! I couldn’t recommend him more!

    Olivia Cole /

    I stumbled across this business by chance and I am so glad that I did! Been having problems with my vehicle for months, taking it to various different places and being charged each time for things to be done to the vehicle but not fix the problem! I was so grateful when Erol said he was able to help me. He booked me in for the next day, and had my vehicle repaired and returned to me by the afternoon. Very very happy with the service, will definitely recommend to everyone I know! Thank you so much

    Chloe Wright /

    Completely amazed with Erol’s professional service, very knowledgeable and honest person. A true gentleman within a ruthless industry.
    I recommend 100% to go there specially if you have a problem with your car DPF.

    Alvaro Arturo Quesada Perez /

    Just like to Thank Erol on his Very professional open and honest approach. He explained meticulously in detail process required for work for my vehicle.
    I now have a clear understanding of what is need. I wished there were more individuals like this especially in this industry of Remaps/EGRs etc....Highly Recommended Thank you again..

    Tony Budai /

    Erol is so kind and honest. Gives you honest advise rather than just taking your money.

    Bijal Amin /

    Erol is a gentleman! He completed a thorough diagnostic and check of my car to see if my DPF could be repaired. He noticed some other contributing factors to my issues and was very honest about the costs that would be incurred and advised me to think about it. It was lovely to have someone so honest and not just trying to get a £££ transaction.

    Amie Gillespie /

    Erol is an absolute top gentleman, professional, reliable and very knowledgeable withing the DPF world, I totally recommend this company to anyone having DPF problems if anyone can Erol can, for me 5***** all day long....

    Allstyleslimited /

    Erol is a true gentleman, he’s at the top of his game and is a cut above the rest. He has the best equipment in the business and guarantees his services to prove what he does is good work. Use him you will not be disappointed

    RC /

    Very professional, knows his work, you leave feeling confident and reassured. Will use him again

    Marc /

    Erol took the time to explain the issues my van had and what the causes were. He then ran through the various different options (with pros and cons to each) to enable me to make an informed decision as to how best move forward.
    Once instructed to undertake works, they were carried out swiftly and professionally with the van check and tested prior to completion. He even did a few extra bits he noticed at no further cost to myself.
    Very happy with the results; the van is running better than when I first bought it 6years ago. Very grateful and would more than happily use him again and recommend his service.

    Chris Chenery /

    Nice friendly people no messing around and They know exactly what they’re doing would use again honest trustworthy people thanks guys????

    Leonard Connor /

    Had a Mercedes-Benz a class had a DPF problem and this guy is fix my engine and it’s running really good now

    Desmond Hedman /

    After my work van developed a dpf problem and went into limp mode I had to find a decent garage to get me back on the road as I would be losing money daily whilst off the road.
    I contacted a few companies offering both on vehicle cleaning and of vehicle cleaning of my diesel particulate filter.
    Prices ranged from £350 to £850 depending on the amount of cleaning required.

    Most garages were saying they had no space for a few days or even a couple of weeks......For me it was important to get back on the road ASAP.

    Then I found supreme dpf cleaning online.
    I checked their reviews first as it's vital to find someone who will not rip me off and take ages doing the work.
    All the reviews I found were good, so I contacted them.
    Erol answered the call within 3 rings, he said if I can come down to him today he would diagnose the issue on the spot.
    So I drove there, got seen to in 2 minutes and had the van plugged into his computer for full diagnosis.

    Unfortunately for me it was not great news. Not only was my dpf blocked, it was the ad blue that had caused my blockage.
    It crystallised inside the filter damaging it beyond repair.

    Erol explained the whole process to me up front, so there was nothing to surprise me.
    No level of cleaning could bring the filler back to life. Even in their state of the art dpf cleaning machine
    So it was to be a new filter after all.

    We ordered a new one instantly and I collected the van a day later all fixed, re tuned and running better than when I bought it.
    It has more power and accelerates better than before. Plus my fuel economy has already improved.

    I could have gone elsewhere and had a useless filter cleaned at a cost of hundreds of £££££'s but it would have failed again within days as it was not blocked with soot and Ash, it was the ad blue that crystallised and turned to a solid rock like structure.

    Instead I found a true professional, not out to rip people off like many garages I've been to in the past.
    He genuinely wants to make you happy.
    And at great prices too.

    It's a small family run business with attention to detail.
    I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone with dpf issues.

    He filmed my dpf and all the issues it had whilst taking it off which made me feel reassured.
    Erol also came with me on a test drive afterwards to record my reaction the the much faster and more responsive van and to make sure I was happy.

    Thank you Erol.

    Sweet Stuff /

    Erol is a very knowledgeable man. He talked me through everything and i had total faith in his work. My car is running perfect now. He made me feel like an old friend.Thank you

    Nichola Matthews /

    Many thanks to Erol who saw us at short notice and took the time to give us a detailed, professional and honest appraisal of our options.

    B K /

    Fantastic service. My friend had a blockec DPF and told me about Errol and his magic powers.
    So I gave him a call he had me pop down straight away and plugged in his computer.
    Blocked DPF losing massive amounts of power. So worked his magic and now my Vdub goes like stink...
    Good price for fixing the blocked DPF and a nice Remap.

    Van feels like a racing car lol.... very happy with Errol and his assistant. Thank you guys

    Tez Head /

    Im so happy for using this business. My subaru legacy 2012 started to having problems with DPF and power loss.
    Supreme Dpf helped me to sort this out in 2days!
    My car is back on road and drive better than before.
    Thank you guys.

    Palloo Knapik /

    Very good service friendly and excellent quality

    David Williams /

    Highly recommend, brilliant service, good prices. Erol took time out to explain the problems I had with my car and sorted it out for a good price. Honestly learnt a lot from Erol very wise man.

    James Seseay /

    Great experiences with Erol & team. Friendly, prompt, great detail in explanations, car running perfectly. Can't ask for more really.

    Benjamin Hopkinson /

    Erol is a genuine & honest person who has been in the industry for a very long time.

    I had DPF & Engine Management light come on my car & Erol diagnosed & took the time to explain the issue in great detail & he showed a lot of examples of his previous work from other customers & their feedback.

    He provided me with the options that were available to solve the issue. He updated me on the progress & service was very professional, reliable & so much better than what you would get from a dealer. My car is running better than ever.

    Thank you so much for your work, it is much appreciated.

    Fletcher Law /

    Just like to thank Erol for an amazing job getting my van back to work within 48hrs! Had a major DPF fault and knew the problem straight away! Trust me if you have a DPF problem Erol is your man! Recommend him highly

    Tom Mckenzie /

    Fantastic service, very quick, feels like a new van , communication was excellent, would highly recommend

    Nick Dundon /

    Erol ( the master auto technician) is a polite , friendly and professional person who was a joy to do business with.
    I had a problem with my DPF and Erol brought me into his office and explained to me the pro's and con's and gave me multiple options on how to go forward.
    Two hours had gone passed and I didn't realise , it felt like I was with visiting a long lost friend.
    I am really pleased with the work and the price. The car is running smoothly and it is more responsive. Thanks Erol for a job well done.
    A true professional and a honest and fair man.......Highly recommended !!

    Steven Clarke /

    Fantastic customer service. Great service and affordable. Took time to explain everything to me and carried me along all the way. Explained different options to me and advised me on best option. I am very well pleased. Thanks for a wonderful service. Car now drives as brand new.

    Mary Daniels /

    Mr Erol is extremely polite, professional and is a master in DPF problems.

    My car was without normal powder due the Dpf issues, they explained the different solutions for the problem that way I can choose the best one for the car and my wallet.
    Mr Erol take pictures and make videos for all the problems and you can see the difference before starting the work and after the work is done.

    In the end before making the payment Mr Erol ask me to do a test drive with him to see if I am happy with the service, and I can say what I big difference, the car is working much better now… full of power. Thank you, Mr Erol, for all the amazing work.

    Carlos Filipe Silva Martinho /

    Really nice and friendly people. got the job dun fast and priced well would recommend for anything you need

    Liam Hillier /

    Found supreme dpf cleaning through Google maps as its local to me,
    Enquired about a remap for my a4 avant 1.8

    Very easy to find and welcoming 
    Erol is extremely professional and has many years of experience behind him.

    You feel like a friend and not just a customer, he explained every process and what was happening with my car which is very relaxing knowing 

    I highly recommend erol and his services!

    Caspa Stuart /

    Erol has solved my dpf filter problem once for all.
    I am impressed with the Job done.
    Before the job my van had lost power- going up the hill was a lot of struggle. After the job my van goes up the hill with ease and the power is restored.
    I am very happy with the job done.
    I recommend Erol.

    G Saintor /

    Very happy with everything
    Everyone is polite and extremely professional,
    They started the second I arrived and was a lot quicker than I anticipated
    And such an improvement to the car
    Thank you erol

    Ciaran McGarry /

    Erol is fantastic professional mechanic, no doubt your vehicle is in a safe hands.

    Thank you Erol, I really appreciate your help

    Jozsef Penyak /

    A very knowledgeable man! Done a great job on my BMW gt no one else seemed to know what was wrong. Highly recommend this garage, honest, friendly and fair. A very happy customer!

    Michael Moore /

    Very friendly staff and fixed when they said it would be

    Cliff Willcox /

    Fantastic service. Everything was explained in detail and was a professional job!

    Mo Ali /

    Fantastic, professional service, couldnt ask for more.

    Rafal Staniszewski /

    Excellent service, thank you. Professional, friendly and efficient. Have total trust in the service you provide.
    Always a pleasure doing business with you. You saved me loads through the years. Keep up the good work.

    Jeff Jean /

    Took my transit connect to errol with engine management light on and the van was in limp mode. Errol done a free diagnostic test on my van and explained it was a dpf problem and took his time explain how the dpf works, how it affects the engine and other parts, egr valve etc!
    Errol done the work needed dpf removal and egr delete including ecu remap and engine service with photos sent to me as proof, i cannot thank this man enough and couldn't speak any higher of his professionalism.

    Ryan Finlay /

    Errol is very knowledgeable and helped us out with my wife’s Fiat 500. He explained everything very well and has not only fixed, but transformed the car. We would not hesitate in recommending Errol’s services.

    Rahim Nanji /

    My car was old and had a host of problems but the kind staff at Supreme worked through them logically and methodically. Communication was first class every step of the way. Would recommend - good people, fair pricing

    Jolyon Roberts /

    I have a 64 plate Vivaro and I have had several issues with DPF over last couple of years.
    I have followed guidelines regarding regeneration and cleaning and still the faults occur.
    The van had driven poorly for months and power response had left me questioning whether to get rid of the van or not!
    I took van to Supreme DPF cleaning based in Bromley and after diagnostics tests all faults were identified and thankfully rectified over a couple of days.
    After work was complete I was encouraged to take it for a test drive.
    The van is now so responsive and not only a pleasure to drive but I have confidence that it will respond accordingly when I need it to.
    A massive thank you to the guys who worked on the van.
    I highly recommend and will be calling on them again should I need any work on my van or other vehicles.

    Mark Carr /

    I have used this service, it was excellent. The issue regarding my vehicle was explained to my understanding, service provided was beyond expectations. Highly recommend this company - Posted on behalf of Naleenee from Surrey

    Stuart Sketchley /

    I decided to wait a week before writing this review in order to do this company justice.
    I have owned my Peugeot Boxer Van for approximately six months, at first I did not notice anything particularly wrong the van had covered 86K and was running ok except I did notice it was using rather a lot of engine oil.
    From 86K to 108K I noticed the exhaust regen light coming on but nothing was really happening i.e. I could not tell if the regen cycle was working as it should, also not ever owning a euro6 engine and addBlue being new to me I continued to drive the van until that dreaded day when the regen light came on, stayed on and so did the engine light dropping the engine into limp mode.
    The local garage who I will say are very good cleaned out the DPF as best they could and the problem appeared to be solved but only for a week then back to square one and by now not only had I a van that would not run but approximately six empty 5L oil cans laying on my garage floor. I contacted my local garage who stated that they would have to look deeper into the problem and that it would be a week before they could even look and start on my van.
    I then looked on the net for local firms that specialised in DPF cleaning and found Erol. Right from the start I could tell that this man was a professional not just DPF work but re-mapping and much more.
    The DPF was completely blocked and would require extensive cleaning and Erol assured me that he could clean out the old DPF and have the van running as it should be and stated that he could in fact have my van not only running better but also increase its engine performance but also increase its efficiency. However there was one problem, the amount of oil it was using. Erol pointed out what I was already thinking, blown turbo or deeper engine problems.
    Being the honest man he is Erol stated that he could clean out the DPF however there was the problem of the oil this was a puzzle as there were no oil leaks and no blue smoke from the exhaust.
    Erol did not charge me for any of the diagnostics and advised me to take the van away and think on what I wanted to do. This I did and I contacted Erol stating that I would take a chance and have the DPF cleaned out. To my surprise Erol stated that he had been doing some research of his own and we both came to the same conclusion that it could all be down to the DPF.
    Erol started the work on a Friday morning and contacted me the following day stating that the DPF had been cleaned, he had also checked the turbo and that was fine and that there was no blue oil smoke, it was a complete success. Not only that Erol knew that I would have to find someone to give me a lift to collect my van so Erol being Erol delivered the van back to me, how's that for service!
    In the first three days I covered 1,000 miles with the van running a dream, with more power and a significantly better MPG.
    If you have problems with your DPF, engine management or just want your motor re-mapped then I defiantly would recommend taking your van or car to this man.
    Top marks Erol.

    Lindsay Folkes /

    Im a young female and dread taking my car to machanics alone because I always get ripped off, this is a common issue for alot of women BUT Erol has been AMAZING and gives you a detailed explaination of the issues. He is trustworthy and just a genuine family man with a business.

    A Year before visiting Erol I had my dpf cleaned by another company, a year later the light came back on, I was SOO stressed being told I would have to pay thousands by other people but I left my car with Erol, its now fixed for a affordable price and is driving like new.

    Again if you are female and keep getting ripped off by mechanic's, trust Erol. He's a very kind and trustworthy man but most importantly he's very knowledgeable about the work he does!


    Had DPF issues once again after having a diesel company in Croydon apparently clean the filter only back in March. My 2 litre diesel VW Golf had gone into limp mode and we were left in a right pickle what with moving house 2 days after this happened.
    Fortunately contacted Erol and his expertise and fantastic knowledge in this area saved our bacon!
    Him and his guys worked so hard to our deadline and we got the car back in time for our move in better condition than I’ve ever known it.
    Would not hesitate to recommend Erol for any issues of this nature.
    Thanks so much for all your help guys.

    Tom Playford /

    Able to sort out my DPF issue in short space of time. Also carried out full dianogistic and remap. Explanation and information very detailed. Substantially cheaper than going to main dealer. Non conventional solution but seems to work so I'm happy

    John Hambly /

    I've a VW Touran 1.6 diesel. Over the past few years I've been having DPF issues. Was cleaned by a company in Croydon before - but still same the issue..Errol was recommended to me by a friends and now my DPF problems are over. My car drives like a complete different car. Highly recommeded!

    Brendan Broom /

    Errol was very knowledgeable about diesel cars.

    Peter Brighton /

    I just want to thank Mr Erol for the fantastic works he carried out on my Jaguar XJ6 I was left speechless when I drove the car!! His service is amazing and he is a master in his trade. My car was in Limp mode had been in and out of garages costing me so much money, I wish I had known about Mr Erol earlier. Guys any power loss DPF problems PLEASE dont hesitate to take your car to Mr Erol believe me you wont regret it.
    Thank you again Mr erol

    Go To Builders /

    Fantastic service from this garage. Had my dpf serviced, and since then my car’s performance has improved. Great customer service, quick turnaround time, I’ll definitely recommend.

    lilslimboy1 /

    Erol is professional and passionate at what he does and will keep you informed of any works intended, before commencing work.
    Courteous with a warm character.

    Linda Lewis /

    Erol is very professional. He gave me an honest quote for me to think about. He explaines the procedure, how it compares to main dealer procedure and then his prognosis. He is candid about his work and will give you an honest and open opinion and, if it's possible, will offer you a temporary workaround.
    I've been to him a couple of times now and I've been extremely satisfied with the results. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a fast, friendly but more importantly reliable and cost effective service. He is now my goto guy. Cheers Erol

    Mark Allen /

    5***** Erol is not only highly competitive price wise, but brilliant at his trade and very professional.
    He fixed the problem with my ford galaxy with the dpf clean recently, and now it drives like a dream!
    It was fixed by erol within 24 hours of first calling the company, and everything was explained fully as to how the car works and how it needed to be fixed. I’d totally recommend erol again to everyone who has the need for dpf cleaning!
    Thanks again erol! It was a pleasure to do business!!

    Claire Nash /

    Great service, highly recommended.

    Jonathan Harrison /

    Just been last week to Erol,nice guy,professional,with my VW Passat B7 2014,for an full diagnostic on it,there was a PO401 fault on the EGR valve,well this is what the car shows when you have actually an DPF problem on VW,it looks like VW avoided to put the real problem error because any DPF fault every one knows is expensive to fix or deal with it.
    Erol help me to get my car fixed in good time,
    we had an interesting discussion about how the engine works and how is actually affected by the block DPF.
    Good experience
    Definitely recommend

    Apavaloai Gabriel /

    VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE GUY ABOUT DPF. MY MERCEDES C250 dpf issues sorted. Very happy. Highly recommended

    atila emirali /

    I have a BMW 520 Touring and recently it started to have problems with the DPF system becoming blocked and the dreaded yellow EMF light coming on. This lead to poor economy and and the car not performing as it should.
    A quick Google search threw up a few options and after reading many reviews decided on Supreme Dpf Cleaning. 99% of the reviews were excellent so I decided to call up and see what could be done about my car. Erol asked me to visit so he could inspect the car and see exactly what could be done to remedy the issues.
    We sat down and Erol spoke to me at length about exactly how the DPF works and the other systems that are linked to it. He gave me a couple of options and we agreed on a way forward.
    I left the car for a day and a half with Erol and arrived back the next day to collect it. We took the car for a long test drive on mixed roads as well as the M25 motorway. Straightaway I could feel a huge difference in the way the car drives. Acceleration through the middle gears has massively improved making overtaking very easy. The car is more responsive and I have noticed a very nice improvement in fuel economy, even around town.
    I can't recommend Erol highly enough.....the man knows his stuff and has not only fixed my DPF issues but actually made the car better than it was.
    If you are having DPF or EGR problems with your car then you need to see this guy....he WILL fix it. Don't think twice...he's a really nice guy who likes to talk about many things over and above DPF systems! He did exactly what he said he would do in less time than he said.
    I am very happy with his services and would not hesitate to use him again if the need arises.
    Thank you Erol.

    Neil Millington /

    Erol explained everything clearly did exactly what he said and charged what he said and did it all on time. I would throughly recommend his services.

    John Hawker /

    I took my Ford Transit 2015 here, because it had a problem with the DPF. The issue was fixed without any problems, and the service was excellent, would definitely recommend it if anyone has similar problems. Now that the DPF is fixed, the van drives better than perfectly. Thank you Erol for your much needed assistance.

    Rafal Staniszewski /

    My ford s-max 17 plate had DPF problem. Went to Ford dealer with no help, i luckily came across this guy and had my car back running to how it should be in 48 hours. Top service Top Job!

    Tanel Ismet /

    Great place to get knloedge about DPF diesel cars. You can get it clean by bringing your DPF out of the car for a better and faster procedure and reasonable cheap to. You will be very satisfied once the owner will explain to you in detail about what's best for your car once he will test it.

    Ripan Mihaita Lucian /

    I was able to rely on this garage to help direct me with the right knowledge and work carried out. Arell himself is a experienced master technician who is very reliable and honest in what work and services that he provides, the equipment and skills provided are state of the art and I would highly recommend anyone to use for the best rectification first time round.

    Ameena Begum /

    Erol provided an absolute fantastic service, couldn't of chosen a better place to take my car, even found some additional faults and fixed them with no issues sending me pictures through the process of works. Erol went above and beyond giving me so much advise in his own non-working hours! absolute top guy! will surely take my car back to Erol if i needed any further help or works!! highly recommended!

    Jerri Shorter /

    I had my 2016 model Ford Mondeo DPF cleaned and remapped. It is better than when I first bought my car. Excellent service, reasonable price and professional attitude. Highly recommended. Thank you Mr. Erol.

    Cemil Sedefoglu /

    I am very happy with the service has been done in my Van Peugeot Boxer.
    DPF , EGR and Add blue problems has been solved.
    I am very recommending this guy!!!

    Krzysztof Sobieraj /

    My dad is very happy with the job done dpf issues are gone and the car is better than before!

    Boss Man /

    Mercedes E class 220 CDI 2013-14

    Thank you once again for fixing my car

    It’s never driven so great to drive, brakes fitted, oil changed and a split pipe replaced

    Over the moon with the cost, time taken and the professional way my situation was dealt with

    Thank you Erol and team

    Benny Gardner /

    Top professionals on dpf and diagnodtics problem solving.highly recommended

    nuno kamara /

    Good mechanic Professional at his job

    Delroy Farquharson /

    I Peugeot boxer van had a DPF, EGR, high fuel consumption issues and power loss. Erol sorted my van in 2 days and my van drives better than new. I could praise this gentleman and his service high enough. If your having the same issue as me guys get in touch with him. He’s the Doctor of this issue!

    Mam Halim /

    Had my car remapped here. Erol was extremely knowledgeable about everything which is good to have especially when they are working on your car ecu. He is a nice man to have general chat with whilst the reprogramming is going on. Will definitely use again for any further work I may need done.

    I called Erol 2 days before my MOT to fix a few things on the car and he fitted me in. He was able to fix the car and it passed MOT. Would definitely recommend and efficient at what he does. No takimg shortcuts and gets things done properly. Thanks again Erol

    Kyle Hunt /

    In January I had my van WV Transporter remapped and DPF was sorted out.
    Now it feels like my van has got new life! It drives perfectly. The service was done quicker than I expected and for reasonable price. I am very happy with the job and would recommend this company to anyone.

    veselov1972 /

    Just like to thanks, on a job well done very professional and honest assessment. Been having dpf filter problems for years until I found supreme DPF cleaning, whereby I gain knowledge and understanding on how a DPF functions, now my car is alive!

    Junior Williams /

    Excellent service, diagnosed the problem immediately where Another company couldn’t.
    After work carried out it was like driving a new car.

    Peter Ting /

    Very nice man sorted the iusse same day on short notice and very good price

    sheryar sharif /

    Very intelligent man, helped me with my car very much, would recommend. Helped me with my fuel injectors and also a remap! Would recommend highly

    D Pacino /

    BMW 320D was having DPF problems, dashboard warning light showing, lack of power. Went to the garage and the owner took the time to explain everything. Was able to fix the problem, definitely would recommend them if you have any dpf warning lights come up on your dash.

    Yusif Hameed /

    Wow, what a excellent service I received from Autoking Technology . My car was in limp mode, with a suspected DPF issue, it was horrible to drive, in fact it was at a point where you did not want to drive it. Autoking fixed my car within 1 working day, and I can honestly say this is the best my car has EVER drove, I am so happy. A1++++ service, very honest, polite, and workmanship is outstanding.

    Jason Leslie /

    Erol is a master engineer!! I am so glad I found him 2 years ago! Erol has saved my car and my business van when no one else could. He is an expert at diagnostics, expert on software and mechanical work. A complete service, happy to personally recommend him anytime. I travel far from Kent just to go to him as he is the BEST!!! 5 stars! Trust him 100%!!!

    Faisal Ali /

    Erol provides a first class service!

    Rainbows Waterfalls /

    I had a really bad DPF problem with my car (BMW 3 series diesel) which was struggling with low fuel efficiency and hardly any power left. Erol was absolutely brilliant, right from the first day I saw him with my car. He explained to me in quite some detail why the DPF problem happens, how the DPF works and how it is related to engine performance. My car has been treated now and the problem rectified and needless to say I am one happy customer. I would heartily recommend Erol (Supreme DPF cleaning) to everyone.

    Anand Venkatraman /

    He don't just do cars, he make customers for life.

    Grey's /

    Erol sorted my car out in no time! Definitely recommend! Nice friendly place with a lovely dog too :)

    Sylvia Jones /

    I had a problem with my DPF. Erol & family responded to our needs straight away & sorted the problem. Excellent service & would highly recommend. We will be back!

    Darren kelly /

    The best place to get your car fixed, provides a super service. I had DPF, EGR value, engine service and engine remapping done. Made my car more fast and efficient. Thanks Erol.

    Joynal Miah /

    Not only did Erol deal with my vehicle promptly and efficiently, he took the time to explain exactly what the job entailed - he really does know his stuff, and his experience showed throughout. Very courteous and transparent with his prices - definitely recommend!

    Isla Smith /

    Excellent service went above and beyond expected, working over weekend to get our van back to us a day early. Thank you Erol. Highly recommend this company From Woodall's Transport

    Roz Woodall /

    Wow! Sorted out DPS system and re-mapped Audi now drives like a Ferrari! Erol provided top service with full explanation of works that have taken place. Highly recommended!

    Sheena Booton /

    Excellent service – 5 star. Very pleased with the work and will come back again in the future!

    Pip W /

    Five Star professionals with knowledge, experience, skill and technologies. Best place for DPF problems instant solutions. *****

    Jan Icoz /

    Attention to detail and very polite!

    lucia Ehworho /

    Took my Land Rover for engine service and DPF as both EGR were blocked.
    I went to Erol all the way from Chingford due to glowing recommendations from my brother.
    Erol lived up to his reputation. He undertook all the works including fixing an air leak and remapping to increase power and efficiency.

    Arzoo Miah /

    I had a high top transit Lwb 2.4l
    With so much loss of power my engine constantly fighting to survive
    Erol new the exact problems and very quickly put them right
    Now my van feels like a completely different vehicle so smoothly running with much more power and responsive engine you would not think you was driving a big van
    Well recommended
    5 star company
    Thank you Erol

    Sam Holder /

    Top professionals number one in dpf issues. Highly recommended

    Osman Icoz /

    Had a fault with my vehicle, i went to a few garages and had no joy finding the fault. Went to see Erol and this guy is the car guru. Told me in non technical terms what the falut was, how much to repair and when he could do it which was the following day. Sure enough i got a call to say it was repaied and my car is still driving as it should. Highly recommended

    Deniz Icoz /

    Erol is a true mechanic, talks a little too much, but did a fine job for me.
    I would recommend him as an expert.

    Barry Stevens /

    Lovely guy, professional and honest.

    Wayne Plummer /

    I’ve just picked up my Renault Espace after the DPF filter caused my car to die on Friday. My wife done a google search and found Erol, looked at the reviews (which I normally ignore!)And found nothing but good comments. Not only is the service 5 stars but the way Erol fully explained everything I may be an expert in DPF now. The car feels brand new, he took me on a test drive to make sure I was happy. I left with a smile on my first. I would definitely recommend anyone with this problem to first call Auto King Technology. Friendly, reliable and everything you would want in a mechanic. 1st class service

    Leon Graham /

    Erol is very experienced mechanic and and will explain any problem with you. I had my van reremaped by a friend with nothing but problems spoke to erol and he worked on in now it my not accelerate as quickly but the smoothness is unreal and pulls through the gears like a dream and the fuel gauge hasn't budged after 30 miles. Top man with lots of experience are hard to find but lucky I've now found highly recommend...

    Stephen Wheeler /

    DPF EGR AND ECU Remapping centre highly knowledgeable and professional people . Recommended

    Erol Icoz /

    Great service

    Michael G /
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