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Any professional in the motor trade knows DPF is the major component for diesel vehicles Similar principal designs have now been fitted and are widely used in Petrol engine vehicles too (PPF or NOX box).

Understanding the importance of when a DPF is blocked, the problems it can create, and the available solutions is now a must I believe it is imperative for all garages, technicians and engineers should be trained how to identify the DPF problems and how to tackle them.

Today, DPF is big business and being part of what is now an integral part of the industry is very financially rewarding.

DPF Cleaning is a well-known procedure in the Motor Trade and for this reason there are many cleaning machines or ideas in the market; some of which have a huge price tag for a proper Industrial grade DPF Cleaning machine.

We have been in the Motor Trade in excess of 50 years and have been working specifically on DPFs for over 20. I have seen, used and owned many of the machines that have been on the market, so I am well versed with the challenges and practicalities.

As such, we have developed a new machine which can be used on any size DPF;

  • Cars
  • Light commercial
  • Agriculture Vehicles
  • Tractors
  • Trucks
  • Off-road vehicles, SCRs
  • Marine applications

The Spec:

We put many thoughts and ideas, and stress tested many vital factors to build this exceptional machine. When developing, we insisted that our machines were the most strongly manufactured in high quality Stainless steel (including the connectors down to the smallest screw) with a thick gauge. In addition, we looked at the practicalities including the minimum floor space required to operate the machine, due to the height and width restrictions found in the modern garage/workshop - we designed front loading door pneumatically operated and lifts with a safety feature.

Our Supreme DPF Cleaning Machine has:

Two powerful Italian Water pumps capable of pumping 250 Lt/min each - these pumps can be used singularly or both at the same time Turbo boost Function according to the operator’s choice A 140-bar powerful manual Jet wash is also designed and fitted to be used in awkward cleaning positions. Equipped with fully adjustable temperature settings and high-performance output blower drier 250 litre capacity water tank fitted with twin 2 x 7.5 KW electric heaters which can be fully adjusted according to your needs (Max 85 degrees Celsius).

Environmentally friendly with coarse and fine stainless steel life time usable filters fitted (spare inserts also supplied)

Maximum pressure: 8 bars

Air aid duration is also fully adjustable

Customer Service & Aftercare:

We are the sole UK importers of Supreme DPF Cleaning Machines and once purchased, our machines come with:

  • A one-year guarantee
  • UK Support
  • One day training
  • Ongoing hints and tips of how to identify and tackle related DPF problems

Come and see for yourself – get in touch today!

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related problems.
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